About Me


Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend

Hi there! I’m Jennifer, writer of Dear God Make Me Skinny! Between being a wife, a working mommy of two sweet girls and pursuing a Psychology degree, one would think that I wouldn’t have much time and energy to put into finishing this sentence less more vigorously micro-managing my food and weight. I started this blog because I have put entirely too much of myself into the roller-coaster of weight loss and dieting. What’s more, I know that I’m not alone and that many other Christians struggle with weight, food, and body image.

I have been at war with my body and my weight for what seems like forever. It’s been so long to where I can’t remember a time without it; a time before constantly judging my fat rolls and thighs rubbing together or agonizing on how much weight I could lose before school started or some other “big day”.  I have tried it ALL to “fix” my weight, to “fix” my health, and to “fix” me. I have tried everything from soup diets, cabbage diets, counting calories (and I’m talking with spreadsheets and formulas, guys) to that nasty lemonade and I still don’t have a Beach Body promised from my plethora of workout DVDs.

After many failed diets, programs, and workout regimens, I have come to the conclusion that I’m not so good at this whole “weight watching” thing. I’ve also realized that my weight has less to do with the physical fat and more to do with the condition of my heart. At this point, I’m actually thankful to God for His grace that has allowed me to FAIL. Yep, that’s right, folks… FAIL.  I’m thankful that I failed each and every thing I’ve ever tried to do in my own strength because that has led me here, asking Him, “Dear God, Make Me Skinny!”

While I hear His Word and His warm and gentle response to trust Him, I know that there are some beliefs in my heart that are contrary to the Word of God. Any thoughts and beliefs that would exalt themselves above the knowledge of God must go. Not only have those beliefs created all this fluffy excess fat, but those beliefs have robbed me of really knowing God’s goodness and His truth in the depths where the lies want to take root and reside.

This is an enormous place of surrender and vulnerability, but I will trust the Lord.

I hope that you join me as I chronicle my journey to shed the spiritual baggage that created the physical baggage. I also hope that if any of this sounds all too familiar that you’ll share in the experience of becoming free. I desire that we all reprove and dispel the ideas from the world, our culture, and society about weight loss and body image and seek after God’s Word for this and all other areas of our lives. I look forward to meeting you and discovering what God has had in store for us all along.


Lavender - Psalm 27